My company offers several services for those who want unique things!

I have my own kit, which has a lot of things to be converted. We paint them with environmentally friendly HH chalk paints, decorate them with different techniques, so they are waiting for their new owners.

Every Sunday, you can see and buy my products in person at the Lily Market in Káptalantót, or you can browse the products here on the website.

Demolished old building made of beams loft, indusztriál making tables, benches, lamps, also using old iron parts, even custom made to order, in different sizes!

As I am a perfectionist, each piece goes through the following preparation processes before painting:

  • if necessary, gluing, assembly, repair of minor defects
  • grinding
  • if necessary, spraying (organic, chemical-free)
  • filling puncture marks and minor damage with liquid wood
  • grinding again
  • degreasing, cleaning
  • final priming (against bleeding of tannins, tannins)
  • applying a tack coat for better adhesion of the paint

MThen we paint the products with completely environmentally friendly HH chalk paints! HH chalk paint is a high coverage, creamy, fragrant paint that is water-based, contains no lead, no volatile organic compounds, is non-toxic and comes in 48 beautiful colours.

For our design lamps, the electrical wiring, which is fitted with a fork plug, switch and socket, is bought in one piece, assembled, from large stores and electrical supply shops.